About me

Hello and welcome to my page.

On this page you will find some information about me and I will try to give you a slight impression of who I am. Of course meeting each other in person will give a much better image, enthusiasm is difficult to share with letters.

As a person:

I'm facinated by technology, physics, nature and art. Together with my: "curiousity to really understand something", "open mindset", "creative thinking", "management experience", "ability & determination to bring ideas to reality", this makes for a person that has a rather unique and wide range of knowledge and sees the connections between them. At a young age I already started my own building projects and learned that a lot of things are possible as long as you are determined enough. Later I learned how to manage my projects and projects started to get bigger and more complex, but I never let go of the idea that if you really want something, and you think it is realistic, you just have to really go for it. Examples are my my final graduation project and my minor project, but also most of my other projects that you can find here.


Finished HBO University of Applied Science, Information and Communication Technology "ICT".
 (With a 10 on his final graduation project.)
Finished MBO IT Niveau 4 in 2009.
Finished VMBO Metal & Electronics in 2006.

Self studie:
Beside my schooling I keep myself busy with trying to learn everything that I find interesting. When I wonder how a refrigerator works I go search for it until I found how it works. When I get the idea for a "hard disk VU meter" that shows how busy your computer hard disk is by lighting more or less leds, I teach myself how I can build my own electronic circuit board that can realize this and finish the project with a (still working) result. I need to add that I learned a lot thanks to my parents. My mother is a IT specialist who taught me the basics about computers, and my father has been an production & manufacturing engineer and is now an antique clock restorator with a workshop at home that gives me access to a lot of tools and knowledge to realize my own projects.

Self reflection:
Though it seems strange to note this, I find this a really important ability that I learned when I was arround the age of 17. I learned to really look at myself and see my shortcomings and learned how to change them to my likings where possible. I used a lot of projects after that to discover myself and used plans to change them. For example: The RC racing sport I did/do was not only because I really love doing it, but also to learn how to controll my perfectionism. When you have 30 minutes between two races, and you have two fatal defects on your car, you need to surpress you perfectionism to the point where both fatal defects are fixed within the available 30 minutes.

See also my LinkedIn profile : https://www.linkedin.com/pub/wouter-horselenberg/70/970/364


Recent Achievements:

2014: Longboard arround the Netherlands (>1000KM) for charity against ALS.

2014: Finishing my HBO University of Applied Science ICT with a 10 on his graduation project "Backup / Restore and Disaster Recovery".

2013: Finishing my HBO minor with project "Laser Game" graded with a 10 for design and a 9 for the project overall.

2013: 2nd place with tent design "Zeeschildpad" for De Waard.

2012: 9th place on the Kyosho World Championship in Switserland. {scale 1:10 GP sport cars)

2012: Longboard from Geneva (Switserland) to Paris (France).